Electrical Engineering Courses

We offer the following:

  • Electrical Engineering Courses related to industry standards
  • Electrical Engineering Learnerships
  • Electrical Engineering Apprenticeships
  • Work Integrated learning (WIL)

Mechanical Engineering Apprenticeships and Learnerships

We offer  private and SETA sponsored mechanical fitting apprenticeships and learnerships:

  • Mechanical Engineering Learnerships in Fitting
  • Mechanical Engineering Apprenticeships
  • Work integrated learning (WIL)


We offer private and SETA sponsored:

  • Welding learnerships
  • Welding apprenticeships
  • Work integrated learning (WIL)

Plumbing Courses in Durban

  • Plumbing Learnerships
  • Plumbing Apprenticeships
  • Work integrated learning (WIL)

Apprenticeship Training Program (3 years)

A wide range of artisan learnerships and apprenticeships are offered in Electrical, Mechanical, Instrumentation and Welding.

Included in the package are the following:

  • 100% placement with an employer
  • Wide range of industrial partners and blue chip companies to absorb our students
  • 95% pass rate
  • International recognition through red seal endorsement of our trade tests
  • Modern, high tech workshops and facilities to simulate the world of work
  • Full set of tools
  • Complete protective gear
  • Monthly stipend
Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)
Recogntion of prior learning (RPL) is a process whereby people’s prior learning can be formally recognised towards a registered qualifications, and unit standards, regardless of where and how the learning was attained. Atholl Munday College of Technology integrates past learning and experience into the program and assesses any gaps in the knowledge and skills of the learner. This gap is developed into a structured learning program. The learner is then prepared for a trade test. This programme has skilled many artisans to enter the world of work as fully qualified artisans. 

Trade Test for Artisans and Learnerships

Trade testing process:
Technical panel evaluation
Candidate interview
Application for approval with seta’s
3 weeks preparation
Trade test 
Artisan Training Courses
Skills development courses are short courses which form part of a bigger qualification. These are held over Saturdays, or part time.
Number Systems
Basic Requirements
Programming a PLC (Ladder Logic)
Discrete Inputs / Output
Analog Inputs/ Outputs
Design using content covered in theory
Program using LOGO Software
Other Skills Training available
Alignment - DTI
Basic Arc Welding (MMA)
Basic Electrical (Handyman) Lighting and Plugs
Basic Gas Cutting & Welding (Safety Awareness)
Basic Hydraulics
Basic Mig / Tig Welding
Basic Pneumatics
Basic Rigging & Slinging
Bearings – Roller and Ball
Flanges and Gaskets
Laser Alignment
Mechanical Seals
Portable Electric Tools
Power Tools
Precision Measuring
Workshop Grinding Training


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